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Can you freeze yogurt [ The correct information ]

  Can you freeze yogurt : Yogurt has been used by millions of people around the world  for thousands of years. It’s known for being  nutritious and eating it regularly supports many aspects of your health. A question people commonly ask is Can you freeze yogurt ? Straight answer is YES : It's a good idea to freeze yogurt because yogurt can go bad . There are a few different ways to freeze yogurt to store yogurt, and the best strategy will rely upon how you're going to utilise the yogurt after it's defrosted or thawed.  Ways of freezing yogurt: 3 ways to freeze yogurt are, Freeze yogurt in its package:  You can freeze yogurt straight-forwardly in the compartment you bought from the store or in an impenetrable (air- tight) holder.  If you have bought one of those multipack yogurts then you can set them directly into the cooler with no issue and that goes for freezing yogurt cups too. This is the most effortless and used strategy and by far top choice of people wanting to have

10 interesting food facts [fact from fun to bizarre]

  Interesting food facts :  We see the 10 food facts right from being plain cool to bizarre and also some food myths and fact less know to people. So let's jump straight into it. THE 10 MOST INTERESTING FOOD FACTS:  First, let's see the 10 interesting food facts. Bizarre Food fact:   Honey is actually made of bee vomit and honey nectar. Interesting Food facts:  Peanut butter can be changes by scientist into diamonds. Food fun fact:  Don't microwave grapes as they explode. Crazy food fact:  Most shredded cheese contain wood pulp in them. Food fact:  Popsicle was invented accidentally by a 6th grade kid. Weird Food fact:   Potatoes can mostly intake wi-fi signals. Eating food fact:  Broccoli is more protein rich that meat. Food fact of the day:  Fast food damages your liver the same way (only slower) than hepatitis does. Cool food fact:  Eskimos use fridge to stop their food from freezing. Fun Food fact:  A banana bunch is known as a hand and a single banana is called a finge