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Turmeric substitute [informed cooking]

TURMERIC SUBSTITUTE : You've got an amazing recipe formula from the web and are good to give it a shot and it requires turmeric. What to do? When was the last time you utilised turmeric?  Try not to stress. You can in any case get the flavour in your formula utilising one of these substitutes for turmeric with no issues. MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO FIGURE OUT IS: WHAT CAN I SUBSTITUTE TURMERIC FOR, IS IT : 1= For colour OR 2= For taste [We will discuss both] Turmeric is a spice that is powdered from the base of the Curcuma longa plant. Its bright reddish yellow shading will leave you with a stain from as little as a touch. For the record, it is identified with the notable ginger family.  Turmeric substitute Despite the fact that it is not much used in American and European kitchens, turmeric is vigorously utilised in Indian, Thai, African and other Asian cooking styles. It's known to carry a tone and lavishness to your food with the perfect trace of a particular fragrance.  TURM