Turmeric substitute [informed cooking]


You've got an amazing recipe formula from the web and are good to give it a shot and it requires turmeric. What to do?

When was the last time you utilised turmeric?  Try not to stress. You can in any case get the flavour in your formula utilising one of these substitutes for turmeric with no issues.


1= For colour


2= For taste

[We will discuss both]

Turmeric is a spice that is powdered from the base of the Curcuma longa plant. Its bright reddish yellow shading will leave you with a stain from as little as a touch. For the record, it is identified with the notable ginger family. 

Turmeric substitute
Turmeric substitute

Despite the fact that it is not much used in American and European kitchens, turmeric is vigorously utilised in Indian, Thai, African and other Asian cooking styles. It's known to carry a tone and lavishness to your food with the perfect trace of a particular fragrance. 


Ayurvedic India records the earliest use of turmeric.  Today, India delivers (and uses) the vast majority of the world's turmeric, trailed by China, Myanmar, Pakistan, and other Asian nations and the curries from these countries are getting more and more famous in the western world. 

Indian  and conventional Chinese clinical practices utilised turmeric and have been recorded as early as 4000 years ago. Among its medical advantages, turmeric helps address stomach-related issues like heartburn, bulging, anti-inflammatory properties and turmeric for headache has also been used for several years .



At $3000 per pound, SAFFRON is the one of the most costly foods on earth and this is the reason, Saffron comes from the Crocus sativus plant, which sprouts just ONCE per year for seven days. 

Saffron as Turmeric substitute :
Saffron as Turmeric substitute :

Saffron is a fantastic substitute for turmeric in case you're pursuing that lively yellowish-orange tone for your supper, rice, moderate cooked dishes and soups will all profit from saffron which gives a comparative energetic tone. 

However, this choice will not copy the flavour as saffron has a sweet tone . It's ideal to utilise modest quantities to replace the colour of turmeric so as not to spoil the taste personality of the dish.


Safflower very much looks like saffron but very different in taste, properties and of course in price.

The main contrast among safflower and saffron is the color intensity. safflower is milder than that of saffron. You might be deceived into purchasing safflower for the sake of saffron but quite similar for turmeric substitute.


In case you're searching for a TURMERIC colouring substitute, Annatto is an incredible turmeric substitute. 

Numerous Mexican and Caribbean dishes use annatto as a significant fixing. Typically, individuals add it towards the start of the cooking. You can either add it straightforwardly into the oil or as a marinade. Used mostly for its Colouring abilities at first, It is wealthy in cancer prevention agents and eases loose bowels, blockage, acid reflux, and hypertension.

This makes annatto probably the closest substitute to turmeric in terms of colouring.




How might we discuss turmeric without referencing its celebrated cousin, ginger? A well known, sweet-smelling spice from Asian cooking styles, ginger can without much of a stretch make up for the shortfall of turmeric in your food.  You can discover Ginger in the market both as a new vegetable or as in powdered, dried, solidified forms as it's easily available.

As a turmeric substitute, you can utilise ginger powder to marinate vegetables, meats, and plan sauces too. In case you're utilising new ginger, ensure you cut it into pieces as biting on chucks can leave a terrible taste.

But, for taste, ginger is a good substitute for turmeric.


Can I substitute curry powder for turmeric? well, Curry powder is a mix of various flavours and is considered as a straightforward substitute for turmeric by most individuals. Curry powder is, be that as it may, not the most ideal decision since it has turmeric in it. It has flavours like cumin, turmeric, and fennel. Therefore, the dish will in general have a flavour a lot more grounded than that of turmeric. 

Curry powder as Turmeric substitute :
Curry powder as Turmeric substitute :

Chilli is normally a key ingredient in curry powder which implies that the dish will wind up more hot and the shading will have a more serious red tone, than if you utilised turmeric.


Presently, this is the thing that real Indian recipes really use. The name literally means "hot flavours" and is a mix of cumin, clove, cardamom, cinnamon, and dark pepper. Contrasted with curry powder, garam masala has a more hearty and spicier flavour and ought to be utilised in lesser amounts.

But for colouring is a good turmeric substitute (to be used scarcely).


Basically there's no real substitute for turmeric if you look at its taste, health value and colouring in food ability STILL, You don't have to observe any hard guidelines when cooking. The shortfall of a one flavour doesn't mean you need to abandon the recipe and not cook it at all. You can generally make do by a substitute in most recopies. Since the most characterising highlight of turmeric is its tone, you can really utilise various flavours as substitutes. See the nearest options that you have in your kitchen, examine and try with them. All the above substitutes mentioned above will give a closer look and taste for turmeric.

Frequently asked questions:

Is cumin the same as turmeric?

Can I substitute turmeric for cumin, not likely.
They are not the same as even in color you can easily identify both as different. Turmeric is dark yellowish and cumin is orangish-brown and even in taste they are quite different.

Can I use curry powder instead of turmeric?

Curry powder can be utilised as a turmeric substitute in dishes where the additional hotter flavour won't be an issue and in terms of colouring they are more close substitute.

Is curry powder and turmeric the same thing?

Turmeric is an ingredient used in curry powder so there’s your answer. Curry powder is hotter in taste because of the additional ingredient in it.

What spice is like turmeric?

Curry Powder, Ginger Powder,Cumin, Saffron and Annatto is the closest substitute for turmeric spice.

Does turmeric have a flavour?

Flavor-wise, it is overwhelmingly gritty and bitter, very much musky, with a touch of peppery. And keeping in mind that the flavour turmeric offers is unique and strong, its colouring tone is as strong as its flavour.

Can turmeric be substituted by ginger?

Ginger because of its taste and slight colouring touch can easily be a turmeric substitute.

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