Hair loss and weight loss [Say NO to crash diet]

Hair loss and weight loss:

“You are what you eat.”  

The body doesn't look at hair as a "most important part" requiring nutrition.

If you have healthy hair and have just changed your diet and are seeing some hair loss or thinning of your hair, Well, Don't panic because it is quite common.

During dieting and weight loss, you are consuming less calories to lose weight and  not having sufficient protein is a cause of hair loss.

Hair is composed of protein, so it's critical to eat a protein rich diet like a lot of fish, chicken and different types of protein for solid, sound hair. The body doesn't look at hair as a "most important part" requiring nutrition, So it reroutes whatever protein admission to other more important organs it regards as more appropriate first. 

The outcome? You may see that you are losing hair with your weight loss. 

Hair loss and weight loss.
Hair loss and weight loss.

Losing hair compared to getting more fit is considered a trade-off by some people but it shouldn't be the case.

This type of balding or hair loss because of weight loss is known as telogen effluvium. The good thing about you losing hair from weight loss diet is normally transitory and as a rule will regrow once you restart eating a satisfactory measure of protein and that happens when:

1: You complete your weight loss target and eat regularly again.


2: During dieting, You add the basic nutrients required by the body as supplements. 

Strategies for re-growing hair After OR during Weight Loss diet.

It takes around 3 months to half a year to regrow hair after your weight loss regime is complete or when you get back on taking the appropriate nutrients in your diet. 
In case you're in a process of life change or you're wanting to begin a significant change in your dietary routine soon, here are a few different ways to help keep not going bald during this process: 

1: Don't do CRASH DIETING courses.

Attempt to get in shape at a more steady rate. The American Council on Exercise says that you can steadily lose up to 2 lbs each week without losing the much needed nutrition to our hair and body at large. Rapid weight loss causes hair loss.

Eat sufficient lean protein to help protect hair from thinning or loss or baldness during weight reduction. 

You might be astonished by the dietary substance of your eating regimen.

2: Don't forget green:

Ensure that you're eating a lot of grains, leafy foods like mushrooms as mushrooms are also keto. Greens that are wealthy in nutrients and proteins and also other hair strong supplements like iron, zinc, and nutrient C. 
Most dieticians suggest eating 0.36 grams of protein per pound of body weight.
In case you don't know how much protein you're eating there are many free apps available which will tell you exactly how much of your nutritions you are intaking or speak with a professional for advice and help. 

3: Massage your scalp:

Although there is no scientific evidence that scalp massage promotes healthy hair or regrowth of hair, it does promote the flow of blood which can be good during hair loss so gentle scalp massage occasionally might not be such a bad idea.

4: No shortcuts:

Start by doing brisk walks, yoga and light workout which are the right way of weight loss as mentioned earlier, don't crash diets and don't take special medication for weight loss, there are no shortcuts to gearing the correct results.

5: Adequate sleep:

As irrelevant as it may sound, lack of sleep causes several problems which can lead to hair loss so make sure you get 7-8 hours of daily recommended sleep for a healthy bodily function.

6: Dont stress:

Stress is the main cause of several problems. Don't stress about losing weight or any other reason. When you're stressed it leads to restrictive dieting which in turn leads to nutritional deficiency that leads to hair loss.

Hair loss and weight loss.
Hair loss and weight loss.

Is hair loss dangerous for me:

Going bald or losing hair itself isn't dangerous at all yet the hidden reasons for losing your hair for weight loss can be dangerous. 

For instance, nutrient insufficiencies and having calorie limitation can prompt real wellbeing concerns like iron deficiency, muscle loss and that's just the beginning. 

Less intake of Calorie and protein can likewise cause hazardous results including heart issues, intestinal issues and weak immune system among many others.  

Weak immune conditions can likewise cause balding which should be properly checked because that can cause more serious problems than just losing your hair. In this way, it's highly recommended to speak with medical services in case you are encountering hair loss during weight loss as it might be something else more serious. 


Initially, Don't do Crash diets, use proper methods for weight loss, use an app to keep track of your nutritional intake.

losing your hair or getting bald patches during or after weight loss period can be brought about by various issues. Be that as it may, balding can likewise be brought about by hidden medical problems, so it's significant not to analyse you going bald to weight loss. 

If hair loss still continues then work with a certified medical care worker like a specialist or registered dietitian to find the correct reason for your going bald to overcome your right problem.

Keep in mind: 

Going bald, hair loss or hair thinning brought about by weight loss diet is typically not permanent. However, on the off chance that your hair doesn't start to develop back inside 3 to 6 months it very well might be an ideal opportunity to visit your doctor/GP/Physician to find out other potential reasons for your hair loss.

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